Wall Street Millennial

Note: this website is out of date. Please visit our new website at wallstreetmillennial.com

Welcome to the official website of Wall Street Millennial! This website is the home to several products related to value investing.

  • The Graph Fundamentals product allows users to view consolidated, quarterly, historical financial metrics for over 10,000 publicly traded US companies going back to 2010. Similar functionality is otherwise only available from premium financial products such as the Bloomberg Terminal and FactSet.
  • The Fund Tracker product allows users to view all current and recent historical public holdings of US institutional money managers, including hedge funds, pension funds, banks and insurance companies. It also shows the historical Assets Under Management (AUM) of these money managers as reported to the SEC in Form 13F filings.
  • The Insider Trades Tracker page allows users to search for all insider buys and sells of the securities of publicly traded companies, as reported to the SEC.
  • Our Original Research page provides a sample of the equity research we conduct.
Compare our Graph Fundamentals tool to S&P Global's Capital IQ product ($13,000 per year per user), or our Fund Tracker tool to sites such as WhaleWisdom.com. We offer similar, robust tools with data sourced from the Securities and Exchange Commission, free of charge.

The information on this website is broad and can be useful as part of a professional's investing process. However, all insights gained from use of these tools should be independently verified before making any investment decision. You can get started with our Graph Fundamentals tool by clicking the link to the left, or by searching for a ticker directly using the search bar to the left.

Visit our About page for more information about us.